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May 3, 2021

Whhhhaats up everyone and welcome to episode 243 of The Chumpcast! The whole crew is back in one place to discuss the NFL draft, memorable theater experiences, alternative podcast names, and of course Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse starring Michael B. Jordan.

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1:00 - BAD DAY TO BE AN ARNY PALMY AROUND THE BOYZ plus the best backyard activities

6:15 - Has there ever been a good video game made from a terrible movie property?

7:10 - TEXT QUESTION! Detective Vile asks: What would we rename the show if we wanted to be taken seriously?

10:00 - TEXT QUESTION! Uncle Kyle asks: What are your most memorable theater experiences?

14:30 - We are unqualified to talk about the NFL draft, so obviously we break down what everything means

24:30- TRAILERS! THE TOMORROW WAR pits Chris Pratt against aliens, but he has some people from the future to back him up

27:15 - TRAILERS! SWEET TOOTH is coming to Netflix soon, and it’s some combination of weird and incredible. To be determined….

29:50 - TRAILERS! In weird fever dream news, AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE will haunt your dreams

32:20 - TRAILERS! A weird heist movie in the same vein as FAST, but it has Pierce Brosnan and tons of weird shit

34:15 - TRAILERS! Steven Spielberg’s WEST SIDE STORY is way outside of our specialty 

35:30 - All FAST and FURIOUS movies are going to be played in major cinema chains leading up to F9

38:458 - Invincible has been renewed for 2 more seasons on Amazon Prime as Robert Kirkman continues printing money

43:30 - BEST MAN ALIVE! Mark awards a man for walking a super long distance in a mascot costume, Brick finds a Kiwi who calls out potholes in his own unique fashion, and Smithers talks about someone who has already been addressed on this very segment.
51:45 - REVIEW! WITHOUT REMORSE starring Michael B Jordan is exactly what you expect from a Tom Clancy flick on Amazon

1:05:50 - RECOMMENDATIONS! Brick is reverting back to grade school with the new release of Pokemon Snap, Mark ANTI-recommends This Heard and Seen, and Smithers is pumped to watch The Mitchells vs The Machines

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