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Mar 29, 2021

Whhhhaats up everyone and welcome to episode 239 of The Chumpcast! I’m dedicating this episode to all of the petulant fans out there who have been crying on Twitter for the last 3 years. It’s finally here….Mark’s story about farting on airplanes. Also, The Snyder Cut.

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1:00 - Mark, known roulette guy and boring gambler, is currently between extravagant vacations so he is blessing us with his presence

5:30- VOICEMAIL! Kyle asks “What do we need a vaccine for in everyday life?”

10:10 - “Now I am become death, destroyer of toilets” - J. Robert Oppenheimer, probably

13:20 - Flying metal tubes that imprison you and 100 others with a billion farts and recirculated air

18:15 - Our good friend and Lever Puller Joe is launching a new show on Twitch! Check out Second Star to the Right and @secondstarshow

24:45 - TRAILERS! Made For Love looks better with every new trailer we get

27:10 - TRAILERS! The Nevers looks like the X-Men were transported back to the 1600s. Does HBO still save their best shows for Sunday night on their main channels?

32:10 - TRAILERS! Mark thinks that In The Earth could be the next iconic horror flick

36:25 - TRAILERS! Stowaway is coming to Netflix and will star Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, and Daniel Dae Kim and may not suck if they actually decide to let them kill each other

40:30 - TRAILERS! What can we say about James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad that the amazing trailer didn’t cover?

47:15 - Unsurprisingly, Keanu Reeves will star in a live-action AND anime depiction of his comic, BRZRKR

49:20 - Disney has finally caved and as we all predicted, Black Widow will release on Disney+ Premiere

54:50 - Pierce Brosnan is going to play Dr. Fate and we don’t know what to think about it

57:25 - Badass director Chad Stahelski is slated to bring Ghosts of Tsushima to the big screen

59:00 - BEST MAN ALIVE! But first, rest in peace to one of the greatest to ever bring you dry humor, Jessica Walter. Mark brings us a passive aggressive employer with memory loss, Brick reminds us where the Suez Canal is, and Smithers has an archetypical Florida Woman story

1:08:50 - Sigh...The Snyder Cut. Spoilers, obviously

1:31:50 - MARK SCREWED UP POST-APOCALYPTIC AGAIN! Anyways, back to Snyder Cut

1:40:20 - RECOMMENDATIONS! We’re all slap happy at this point. Just go watch Invincible.

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