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Nov 9, 2020

Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 220 of The Chumpcast! This week we really pulled an episode out of thin air, but there’s still plenty to argue about and many sandwiches to assualt. Also, Joel Kinnaman is a damn rockstar in The Informer.


0:45 – The bags under Mark’s eyes have bags under their eyes, Brick thinks it’s Christmas time, and Smithers is going to heck

6:35 – The new video game console era is upon us, and so is Miles Morales!

13:00 – A journalist does his civic duty and deals with a conspiracy theorist live on air

15:10 – Week 9s NFL picks to bet against while someone hammers furniture in the background

18:20 – Did Brick leave to hurl in the toilet? An investigation ensues

20:20 – Brick/Smithers unveil the platform for their 2028 presidential platform, while Mark thinks pets should be a requirement, and we should make them fight like Pokemon

23:50 – What’s the meanest prank you’ve pulled on a drunk person?

26:45 – TRAILERS! Nic Cage versus Chuck E. Cheese in Willy’s Wonderland, Blood Vessel just throws “Nazi” into a movie theme and runs with it, and why do Star Wars characters celebrate Christmas?

32:55 – Netflix is testing linear programming for those of us who can’t make decisions on what to watch

37:00 – Remember the Harry Potter movie universe? It just got smaller

39:00 – There is a certain bad movie being released for purchase on December 15th

40:45 - Free Guy and Death on the Nile have been bumped to 2021, signaling a likely shut down for theaters for the rest of this year

43:05 - BEST MAN ALIVE! The annual Texas Mullet Championship winners, a man pays money for a tiger to maul his face off, and someone jacked Marshmello’s monster truck

48:45 – REVIEW! The Informer, starring Joel Kinnaman, Ana de Armas, Clive Owen, and Common

1:05:10 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Smithers made it through season 2 of The Leftovers, Mark started Mr. Robot, and Brick is a history dork

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