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Sep 27, 2021

Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 264 of The Chumpcast! We’re coming to you live from new...chairs? Anyways, Jake Gyllenhaal stars in The Guilty

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0:10 - New lair new chairs who dis and be wary of sneaky drinks

7:00 - TRAILERS! The Muppets are all the way back (Muppets: Haunted Mansion), Megan Fox keeps making cringey movies (Night Teeth), alien recycling (Invasion), a new way to sniff Shakespeare’s farts (The Tragedy of Macbeth), a monkey hitman (Hitmonkey, duh), and Tom Hanks has weird priorities (Finch)

21:40 - Corporate Disney does whatever it takes to retain the rights to the characters that make them rich

25:20 - A Super Mario movie that will require zero advertising to sell us on it

27:55 - Disney+ is coming up on their 2nd birthday, and they have presents for us

29:10 - RECOMMENDATIONS! Brick is thinks The Foundation is GoT in space, Mark is reading the Chew omnibus, and Smithers is caught up in Squid Game

35:00 - DRAFT TIME! Let’s pick the worst jobs from tv and film

49:25 - A very brief check in on a former Worst Person Alive 

50:05 - REVIEW! The Guilty has a mean Jake Gyllenhaal with a really crappy job, but maybe he deserves it?

59:45 - Next week on The Chumpcast….

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Thanks to Broke For Free for the intro song "If".  You can find more of them at the Free Music Archive here.