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Aug 2, 2021

Whhhhaats up everyone and welcome to episode 256 of The Chumpcast! So heads up, we’re working with some new software. I’m hoping you don’t notice, but you’d be a lot cooler if you did. Anyways, you get a DOUBLE FEATURE this week with The Green Knight and Jungle Cruise. You’re welcome. 

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0:50 - Brick thinks about football 24/7 and doesn’t want to change

3:30 - TEXTUAL QUESTIONS - Panda Claws asks our opinion on ScarJo suing Disney for more Black Widow $

12:45 - TRAILERS! New footage from GHOSTBUSTERS, a dude bangs a sheep and now we have to watch LAMB, potential banger tunes in VIVO, a farewell to Jessica Walters via ARCHER S12, and a fun twist on horror from BRAND NEW CHERRY FLAVOR

    29:20 - NEWS! Lakeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish will star in the HAUNTED MANSION reboot, and SWEET TOOTH has been renewed for season 2

34:20 - RECOMMENDATIONS! Mark definitely doesn’t want to lead off. Brick is an F-BOY and has an ISLAND, Smithers prints a retraction on MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, also WHITE LOTUS, THE MORNING SHOW, SWAMP THING, and THE GRAND TOUR

44:55 - BEST MAN ALIVE! - Brick rambles about Madden ratings (I promise I trimmed it down), Mark is the only person on the planet that does not hate geese, and Smithers butchers an Olympian’s name

52:35 - THE GREEN KNIGHT sure was a movie that we watched and had opinions about

1:06:40 - JUNGLE CRUISE has The Rock and Emily Blunt...but does Jesse Plemons steal the show?

1:19:30 - Mark is moving to Montana. Wave goodbye!

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Thanks to Broke For Free for the intro song "If".  You can find more of them at the Free Music Archive here.