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Jun 7, 2021

Whhhhaats up everyone and welcome to episode 248 of The Chumpcast! Mark and I are hosting this week because Brick is both in the same town as us and unwilling to come hang out with his fellow Chumps. Not that we’re bitter...

You can find us on all social media platforms @thechumpcast. You can also call or text us at 847-920-6107.


0:55 - Mark being upset about some Jupiter’s Legacy news is not how we thought this episode would begin

4:50 - A vindictive spider is stalking Mark via his shaggy rug

6:00 - The chat has some hot takes on A Quiet Place part 1, which sends us down memory lane for our movie hot takes

12:00 - Brick is dead to us, and always buy Lime Jarritos from the hot dog stand in a Home Depot

14:45 - TRAILERS! Hugh Jackman is back in futuristic Waterworld, also known as Reminiscence 

21:40 - TRAILERS! Weird Neil Blomkamp is back with a weird demon movie called Demonic

23:45 - TRAILERS! America: The Motion Picture is the ridiculous satire that we need right now

26:05 - TRAILERS! Marky Mark is really trying to get us to watch this Infinite movie by pretending that he’s in the Fast and Furious franchise

28:45 - Issa Rae has been announced as Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman

34:35 - RECOMMENDATIONS! Netflix drops Sweet Tooth, it’s always Jersday, Mark hates himself enough to watch the Friends reunion, and Formula 1 returns in Baku

40:05 - WORST MAN ALIVE! A big time false alarm for a high school, an Amazon driver who is having the WORST day, and we try a scripted our AMC talk to no avail

52:50 - REVIEW! The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do Some Stuff That I’m Not Proud Of

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