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Sep 14, 2020

Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 212 of The Chumpcast! We have so much to discuss this week that it literally ruined my microphone even though it’s CLEARLY fine now. Normally I wouldn’t blame anyone, but it’s clearly Mark’s fault. Also, we talk The Boys season 2, Bill and Ted, and people booing unity. What’s not to love?


1:15 – Scat, poop, and other excrement talk. Also, imagine booing unity


6:45 – TRAILERS! Dune is a thing that no one understands but we’re still excited, Monsterland coming to Hulu, Save Yourselves! is full of hipsters, and Adam Sandler is full Adam Sandler in Hubie Halloween.

21:50 – RIP in Peace to one of the baddest bitties ever, Lady Dianna Rigg

25:25 – How many times can they delay Wonder Woman?

26:45 – New Xbox system announcements if you want to sell a kidney, plus game sharing and the future of physical media

31:15 – Why is #CancelNetflix trending?

36:35 – BEST MAN ALIVE! Remy is adorable, a woman tried to cut her hand off to get workman’s comp forever, Brick hates pawn shops, and Skip Bayless can fuck off to Jupiter

51:10 – The Boys Season 2, directed by Eric Kripke and released weekly on Amazon Prime

1:07:15 – Bill and Ted Face the Music, aka the nostalgia grab

1:16:30 – Recommendations: Woke on Hulu starring our good friend Lamorne Morris, a High Score docuseries update, and Get Organized on Netflix, and balancing children with being a nerd

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