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Jan 4, 2021

Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 228 of The Chumpcast! Happy New Year, chumps! Let’s take a minute to look back on some of the non-shitty things that happened during the simulation that was 2020, all before reviewing the latest Pixar hit, Soul.


0:40 – Believe it or not, there were some decent things that happened to us in 2020, including a very cool one this week

5:20 – Mark’s birthday present was bad gambling advice

10:20 – Billion dollar app idea: Schlibly

11:15 – Some of our favorite podcast memories and memes of 2020

17:20 – TRAILERS! Superman and Lois coming to The CW, a documentary on whether we live in a simulation (plus bonus conspiracies!), Coming 2 America and stand-up comedy, and The Little Things shows off three Oscar winners

34:45 – Just hours after we dismantled Wonder Woman 1984 on the show, it was announced that Patty Jenkins would return to direct a third entry

39:50 – James Gunn laughed at the idea of The Peacemaker HBO series appearing on the CW due to its R-rated nature

41:05 – Ray Fisher is still pissed about Justice League and says he won’t return as Cyborg

42:45 – The Sun reports that Matt Reeves is running all of the actors from The Batman into the ground, and they are PISSED

45:10 – BEST MAN ALIVE! A real life Batman gadget with some hefty engineering, a Florida man who clearly loves his meth, Brick plans a prank that will land Smithers in prison for life, and the Mayo Bowl savior

56:45 – Brick springs a surprise test of movie knowledge on two unassuming idiots, chaos and insults ensue

1:02:05 – REVIEW TIME! Pixar’s Soul, starring Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey

1:21:15 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Mark is digging in to a Grant Morrison Batman omnibus, Smithers watched Death to 2020 on Netflix, and Brick is preparing himself for Hitman 3

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