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Sep 7, 2021

Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 261 of The Chumpcast! An early morning episode this week full of arguments about bets, stupid opinions, and of course...Simu Liu as Marvel’s latest hero, Shang Chi.

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1:00 - Babies are made of rubber. Meanwhile, we’re all old and dying

3:15 - A Lannister always pays his debts, even when they’re based on stupid things that shouldn’t be bet on

9:45 - Do we dare hint at a bad movie that a bet loser needs to watch, or should we maintain the element of surprise?

11:55 - All the kids these days are rippin’ packs and losing their inheritance, and the return of the NFL has soiled Brick’s pantaloons

22:40 - TRAILERS! Moonfall shows what would happen if the moon….fell…? Humperdinck is a bastard in The Power of the Dog, and Red Notice blends The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot

31:30 - IT BEGINS. Top Gun: Maverick, Mission Impossible 7, and Jackass 4 move to 2022

37:20 - DRAFT TIME! What fictional characters are worthy of swinging Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir? Let’s destroy all of Mark’s picks. 

53:20 - RECOMMENDATIONS! Let’s regroup on What If?, Brick Loves See on AppleTV, Army of Darkness is available on Amazon Prime, and Mark thinks he might like Vacation Friends on Hulu

1:03:00 - BEST MAN ALIVE! The Feds are finally working a worthwhile case, an illiterate person tries to forge a vaccine card, Bugs Bunny breaks ankles, and fuck hurricanes

1:10:45 - REVIEW TIME! Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was killer

1:22:40 - SPOILERS FOR SHANG-CHI! Consider yourselves warned

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Thanks to Broke For Free for the intro song "If".  You can find more of them at the Free Music Archive here.