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Mar 15, 2021

Whhhhaats up everyone and welcome to episode 237 of The Chumpcast! The gang's all here to watch Mark struggle as he tries to choose between all of the mansions that he’ll be staying in with his bros. We’re super empathetic. Also if you hang around, you’ll catch our review of the latest Disney masterpiece, Raya and the Last Dragon.

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0:55 - Mark is faced with the most difficult decision that anyone has ever had to make in the history of existence

4:10 - Is anyone actually going to miss Pepe Le Pew, or do people just like to complain?

9:20 - Mark was gone last week because he was shredding the gnar

11:35 - TRAILERS!  Jeffrey Dean Morgan takes on the Virgin Mary in THE UNHOLY, we try to remember all of Sam Raimi’s career, horror characters under three and a half feet tall, and Johnny Depp will tell us who killed Biggie Smalls in CITY OF LIES

22:30 - Netflix might be cracking down on password sharing and you moochers are boned

34:25 - Meanwhile, Disney+ crossed 100M users in just over one year after launching

35:20 - James Cameron is a petty little bitch and no one cares about his stupid Avatar movies

38:20 - Someone at HBO Max definitely got fired for posting The Snyder Cut instead of Tom & Jerry

40:10 - Mark tries to cash in his Super Bowl bet winnings in order to ruin someone’s life

41:15 - Cocaine Bear. COCAINE BEAR!

45:20 - BEST MAN ALIVE! Fake Rick and Morty branded vape pens seized at O’Hare, getting your UPS driver to be absolutely SHREDDED, and a bean dip bath tub featuring Lana Del Rey

56:55 - REVIEW! Raya and the Last Dragon is Disney’s latest success and made us like Awkwafina

1:10:15 - RECOMMENDATIONS! Brick is brushing up on the LOOOORE of Marvel Legends, Mark is reading the crowd-funded Keanu Reeves comic Berserker, and Smithers is re-watching Mr. Robot and checking out Devil May Care on SyFy

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Thanks to Broke For Free for the intro song "If".  You can find more of them at the Free Music Archive here.