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Aug 9, 2022

Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 303 of The Chumpcast! We are reunited for tales of stubbed toes, bad stories from cool events, and other dumb news. Also, The Gray (Gary) Man and Bullet Train!


0:10 - Mark doesn’t understand the assignment, but let’s review the unimportant parts of the last 3 weeks!

8:00 - Are you a degenerate gambler who loves fantasy football? Join our eliminator league! Head to our Discord server for more info

11:10 - NEWS and TRAILERS and CRAZY STUFF like Warner Bros canceling Batgirl. Also, Andor gets a delay, a better Pinocchio flick, and the MOTHMAN

33:15 - RECOMMENDATIONS because we have a whole lot to catch up on (like MacGruber, Harley Quinn S3, and Multiversus)

42:25 - We’re reformulating our draft format, but in the meantime congrats to Cheating Brick the Rat on his hollow victory

45:55 - The Gray Man was a perfect name for a very bland Netflix movie, too bad this was called the Gary Man

52:20 - Could Bullet Train be the movie to redeem our episode? Who is the Diesel on your train? 

1:01:35 - Next time on The Chumpcast…

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Thanks to Broke For Free for the intro song "If".  You can find more of them at the Free Music Archive here.