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Jan 27, 2019

Welcome to episode 128 of The Chumpcast!  We’ve got a big one for you this week as we discuss how birds aren’t real, the NFL is fixed, Fyre Festival documentaries, and review Mads Mikkelsen’s Netflix murder fest, Polar. Spoilers for Polar from 1:11:45 until 1:21:15, but make sure you hang around afterwards for...

Jan 20, 2019

welcome to episode 127 of The Chumpcast!  Mother N ature barfed snow all over Chicago this weekend, so we’re all logged in for an online chat. We talk psychopaths, Mark’s attempts at being an adult in the real word, and review the final entry into M Night Shyamalan’s superhero trilogy, Glass. Spoilers for...

Jan 14, 2019

Welcome to episode 126 of The Chumpcast!  This week, we get our creative juices flowing with a game of movie pitches, call everyone doo doo butt, and review the latest movie that Christian Bale got super fat for; Adam McKay’s Vice.

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Jan 6, 2019

Welcome to episode 124 of The Chumpcast! I’m crabbier than a Krabby Patty this week because Drunk Erica cut all the sugar and booze out of my diet, but that doesn’t stop us from talking about your newest Netflix options, Bandersnatch and Bird Box. Spoilers for Bird Box from 1:07:25 until 1:15:15, but make sure you...