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Jan 25, 2021

Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 230 of The Chumpcast! Jesus, that’s like…229 episodes too many, but thanks for downloading so you can listen to us argue about whether Christopher Nolan is a piece of shit. Also, we watched One Night in Miami and it was dope.

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0:50 – Nothing interesting is happening, so we’re gonna need Brick to get into another car accident

3:30 – The trailer for Psycho Goreman put us all on full tilt. Too much genius for us to handle

5:55 – Let’s check in on our NFL predictions…

8:45 – What the hell is a well double?

15:10 –The Invincible sneak peek has us VERY excited, and apparently people still play Words with Friends

20:20 – Brick hits us with a surprise quiz show that proves how little we know about movies

24:30 – A movie about Nazi Zombies riding flying sharks, who says no?

27:00 – Mark is gonna LOVE Fate: The Winx saga on Netflix

28:45 – What movie are you looking forward to most? It doesn’t matter, because it’s been delayed (unless its Godzilla vs Kong)

34:45 – Christopher Nolan is still crying about Warner Bros releasing movies on HBO Max

44:10 – Ethan Hawke has been cast as the antagonist in the upcoming Moon Knight series

47:00 – Yet another Game of Thrones spinoff is coming, set 90 years prior to ASOIAF

51:15 – Matt Damon will return in Thor: Love and Thunder, so keep your eyes peeled

52:20 – BEST MAN ALIVE! What the hell is a “pick-up fee” for food? A world record long distance soccer goal, a man robs a grocery store for A MILLION DOLLARS, and an audacious armored truck robber

1:01:40 – AMBUSH TRIVIA PART DEUX, “the earth is in peril” edition

1:03:30 – REVIEW! One Night in Miami and some STELLAR acting

1:22:40 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Spycraft on Netflix shows you all the James Bond shit in real life, Disenchantment is back, Hitman 3 is bangin, and Mark catches up on The Queen’s Gambit

1:25:30 – Final showdown: who knows the least about movies!?

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