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Feb 22, 2021

Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 234 of The Chumpcast!  Get your fart sniffing wine glass ready because we got a doozy this week. Frances McDormand lives in a van down by the river in Nomadland and it’s getting all sorts of award season buzz. We’re definitely equipped to review this....

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0:50 – Smithers is computer illiterate, while people younger than him are landing shit on Mars

4:55 – LISTENER TEXT QUESTION! Are we entering an age of good video game movies? Are there games that we want to see make the jump to the big screen?

9:30 – Brick has a new mortal enemy and it’s someone’s car alarm

10:35 – Okay, the murder part is over and we can get back to video game movies now

17:25 – Mark attempts to defend his honor; no one buys it

19:15 – TRAILERS! Mortal Kombat might actually be good despite corny dialog and stupid takes from media, The Snyder Cut LiVeS iN a SoCieTy even though people 4get about Ezra Miller’s assault, Lucky is another time loop movie with a slightly different kind of setting, Cruella proves that Emma Stone should be the next Joker, Kevin Can F*** Himself is a WandaVision spinoff, Invincible remains atop the list of cool upcoming shows

38:55 – J.J. Abrams is bringing a John Constantine show to HBO Max, but it better not interfere with a Keanu Reeves sequel

40:45 – Paddington Bear will once again bless the big screen with his adorable presence

43:30 – BEST MAN ALIVE – A miraculous birth in Indonesia after a very brisk gust of wind, cloning adorable but endangered species to grace our Insta timelines, and a dog that is richer than all of you combined

49:00 – NOMADLAND starring France McDormand and all the farts you could possibly sniff

1:03:15 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Smithers is going to need a divorce attorney after playing Super Mario 3D World with his wife, Mark liked Justin Timberlake in Palmer, and Brick is catching up on his Peyton Manning love

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