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Oct 11, 2021

Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 266 of The Chumpcast! It’s a final goodbye to Daniel Craig in James Bond: No Time to Die. Also, don’t forget that our LIVE show is happening at Wizard World Chicago this Friday, October 15th at 8 pm on the main stage. See you there!

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0:10 - Mark can’t function without Insta, is also bad at fantasy football, and Smithers might be smelly kid

5:30 - Brick has joined the cult of lawn-supervising homeowners who watch the sprinkler and sip coffee

6:50 - Someone at Wizard World doesn’t know who we are, because they’re putting us on the big stage next Friday night

13:30 - Mark is going to Lambeau field, securing his new fandom of the Green Bay Packers because the Bears are leaving Chicago

17:20 - TRAILERS! A look and Peacemaker and his sidekick Eagley, House of the Dragon is better have some goddamned dragons, and this new Resident Evil flick looks absolutely brutal (in the bad way)

RECOMMENDATIONS! our resident Battlefield gamer stan, being a sucker for The Muppets and Steve Martin, and Anthony Bourdain’s stories rule

35:30 - DRAFT! Let’s see who can pull the most questionable spy gadgets out of their butts (ft creepy Remy)

56:00 - BEST MAN ALIVE! Would you believe that we had a consensus Best Ninja Alive? It definitely wasn’t because no one else did any research….

1:02:15 - REVIEW! Daniel Craig’s final ride as James Bond in No Time to Die

1:20:30 - SPOILERS for No Time to Die! You’ve been warned

1:28:50 - Next time, on The Chumpcast….

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Thanks to Broke For Free for the intro song "If".  You can find more of them at the Free Music Archive here.