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Jul 6, 2020

Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 202 of The Chumpcast! We’ve been threatening for months to do an episode from my backyard with meat and beers, and we finally made it happen. Please excuse the background noise, but thanks for tuning in as we talk baseball, Mark being a bully, first movie boobs, and maybe even Hamilton on Disney+.


1:05 – LIVE from the backyard and 4th of July updates

5:55 – Mark was definitely a bully

6:50 – Baseball is BACK (maybe, hopefully)

12:20 – Baby updates and pure delirium, plus embarrassing your kids

20:05 – Listener submissions for traumatizing movies and fuck pandas

28:00 – New Trailers (An American Pickle, The Tax Collector)

33:45 – TMNT is getting another animated reboot from Seth Rogen’s production company

36:10 – Ray Fisher calls out Joss Whedon for being a dick

39:15 – Bevis. Butthead. Back.

42:00 – Lord and Miller are resurrecting Clone High, Wesley

43:50 – Marvel buys the comic book rights to Alien and Predator

47:20 – Best Man Alive (Florida’s brain-eating amoebas, falling into wells, and drive-in theaters)

51:15 – Let’s talk Hamilton on Disney+

59:30 - Weekly recommendations (Anything for a Laugh and Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix)

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