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Jun 21, 2021

Whhhhaats up everyone and welcome to episode 250 of The Chumpcast! Happy Father’s day to all you daddies out there. Hope your real kids love you more than my podcast kids love me, as I sit here editing a podcast on Father’s Day. Anywho, this week was Luca on Disney+.

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0:55 - Brick the dog whisperer thinks he can alpha four pooches at once

2:30 - The boys explain TikTok to Old Man Smithers

6:40 - Can anyone get Brick to shut the hell up about Knockout City?

13:55 - Our resident G4mesDork catches us up on all the fun gaming news from E3 including Starfield, Advanced Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, and more

20:25 - Nic Cage goes all John Wick when his truffle sniffing pig goes missing

22:15 - Who would have guessed that we would need to stop and discuss a present day, Parkour themed Oliver Twist remake?

23:05 - Is Will Ferrell okay? Why does he keep doing these weird Indie style movies?

24:40 - If there was a meteor that was coming to kill us all, would you be reconciling your past transgressions OR partying your balls off? How It Ends aims to find out

26:50 - Our resident live-action Disney remake weighs in on a Beauty and the Beast prequel series

30:30 - In throwaway news, Gerry Butler’s Greenland is getting a sequel and Big Mouth is getting a spin off

32:50 - What movie or show did you watch in public that DEFINITELY should not be watched in public?

34:50 - BEST MAN ALIVE! Mark is on the hunt for some rare Japanese mangoes and that is somehow not a euphemism. Smithers got an unwanted haircut from a fireball. The Chumpcast is looking for interns so that we can blame mistakes on you like HBO Max does. An elephant who thinks he’s people.

44:20 - RECOMMENDATIONS! Rick and Morty is BACK, Mark loves Mare of Easttown, DAVE has returned to FX, and Mark thinks race car drivers die at alarmingly high rates

53:30 - REVIEW! Luca gives us a chance to talk about IIIITTTAAALLLYY and PIIIIXXAAAAR

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Thanks to Broke For Free for the intro song "If".  You can find more of them at the Free Music Archive here.