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Oct 5, 2020

Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 215 of The Chumpcast! The NFL is on the verge of collapse, theaters are closing, and Mark hates Rick Moranis for some reason. Also, holy shit Cronenberg. Possessor was insane. Spoilers at 50:30!


1:30 – The NFL is on the thinnest ice ever, including Smithers’ bad NFL picks for week 4

8:15 – Caffeine fueled rage mixed with conspiracy theories

12:40 – TRAILERS! Frank and Zed is a zombie puppet fever dream, The Witches looks less horrifying than the 1990 version, Borat Subsequent movie film shows a true master of disguise, Echo Boomers says “How do you do, fellow kids?”, and Monster Hunter is probably a movie

25:30 – No Time to Die has been delayed to 2021 and now Regal Cinemas is closing their theaters until next year

26:55 – Kobra Kai is getting two more seasons on Netflix after staying in their top 10 for a month, and hiding your podcast from co-workers

31:45 – Big time casting news for Ms. Marvel and Black Adam

35:35 – BEST MAN ALIVE! Featuring Hocus Pocus and Mark agrees with the inexplicable attack on pop culture icon Rick Moranis

41:20 – Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor, which…holy shit. This movie was insane.


1:03:40 – Weekly recommendations, including how Outer Banks is possibly the worst television show ever and American Murder: The Family Next Door on Netflix. Plus, beanies and slippers!

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