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Nov 16, 2020

Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 221 of The Chumpcast! Brick got into some meth this episode, but we can still have adult conversations about movies and stuff. Also, we watched G Butt himself Gerard Butler try to run away from asteroids in Greenland.

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0:45 – Brick pours big boy sized glasses of wine, and that really rustles Mark’s jimmies

2:50 – Mark is a coronaboy who licks public toilet seats

5:35 – VOICEMAIL! Darion asks about our favorite spoof movies

13:10 – Brick calls Austin Powers the greatest movie trilogy of all time, is clearly smoking meth

16:00 – DUMB QUESTION! If aliens showed up tomorrow, what film character would you send to greet them?

25:15 – TRAILERS! Big Mouth season 4, Superintelligence has Melissa McCarthy falling down, and Cyst is the best movie of 2020

34:45 – Space Force starring Steve Carrell and John Malkovich has been renewed for another season

37:20 – Lilo and Stitch is getting a live action remake while Brick rips a bowl and that’s a deep drive to left by Castellanos…..

40:40 – Darkwing Duck is being rebooted by Seth Rogen, plus the best Gizmo Duck cosplay ever

43:40 – The new Spider-Man: Miles Morales game is dope

45:00 – Star Lord will show up in Thor: Love and Thunder

49:20 – WandaVision has been delayed until January of 2021, which is probably smart

50:50 – Who’s ready for more Scorpion King?!?!

52:45 – BEST MAN ALIVE! Featuring Brick’s horrible wine addiction, big game hunters with tiny wieners, Tony La Russa is a drunk idiot who will now manage the Chicago White Sox, and cooking chickens in erupting geysers

1:06:00 – REVIEW! Let’s talk about Greenland, starring Gerry Butler and Morena Baccarin

1:20:30 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Miles Morales rules, Brick recommends METH, and Mark is giving away Cyberpunk 2077 using his own money

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