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Apr 5, 2021

Whhhhaats up everyone and welcome to episode 240 of The Chumpcast! Please join me as we desperately attempt to talk Brick off the ledge that is reality while we discuss pop culture happenings. Also, Godzilla vs Kong.

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1:00 - What is the best time zone and why does Mountain Time suck?

2:15 - Stupid Sexy Flanders will haunt your dreams

5:00 - Brick is basically a real life crab right now, scuttling across the sand

7:30 - TRAILERS - Space Jam 2 is the most obvious nostalgia cash-grab of all time

10:40 - Do humans have the longest hair, or is King Kong showing us all up?

14:15 - TRAILERS! Season 5 of Rick & Morty is the only thing keeping Mark alive

17:15 - TRAILERS! The Bad Batch is coming Ma y 4th, so get your ragtag crew prepared (but also Brick and Mark hate Star Wars)

19:00 - TRAILERS! Things Seen And Heard probably doesn’t deserve to be seen, or heard from

20:30 - TRAILERS! More Suicide Squad means more of them ruining the plot for us!

24:45 - TRAILERS! Spiral looks like more recycled SAW footage with Chris Rock standing over it

26:20 - The birth of the Snyder Cut has signaled the death of The New Gods and The Trench, according to Warner Brothers

29:05 - Our old friend Donald Faison will play Professor Utonium in the live-action PowerPuff Girls reboot

31:10 - Oscar Winner Russell Crowe will make a guest appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder

33:00 - How many nerds will make the trek to SDCC this year considering that it’s happening Thanksgiving weekend?

36:00 - Rian Johnson is getting PAID to produce his Knives Out sequels on Netlfix, but are there other sequels that we want to see them produce?

41:20 - BEST MAN ALIVE! Brick and Mark will fall for any April Fools prank and Smithers wishes he was a normal person who could do cool shit with machine learning. 

49:10 - MOVIE REVIEW! Godzilla vs Kong vs our opinions vs my attention span

1:10:00 - RECOMMENDATIONS!  Second Star to the Right kicked off and it fucking rules, Pineapple Naturdays, Brick is constantly falling for April Fools pranks, and Mark wants to be a Concrete Cowboy

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Thanks to Broke For Free for the intro song "If".  You can find more of them at the Free Music Archive here.