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Mar 8, 2021

Whhhhaats up everyone and welcome to episode 236 of The Chumpcast! It had been a while since we took a look at the video games coming our way, so let’s preview some games that could resurrect the industry with our special guest and League of Legends poser, Wub Wubbington. We also review the much anticipated (33 years later) sequel to the Eddie Murphy classic Coming 2 America.

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1:30 - The way to keep your franchise going is clearly to kill off some of the best characters (I’m looking at you, Kingsman)

3:15 - Warner Bros is punishing all the furries out there by un-sexyfying Lola Bunny in the new Space Jam

5:00 - Remember conventions? Do you miss them? Too bad! E3 is cancelled, you idiot!

10:15 - Wub has a Ms. Pac Man tournament to get to, so let’s fly through this video game preview. What’s missing from the current landscape?

14:30 - Halo Infinite might be in development hell and that spells big trouble for Microsoft. What are they going to do with all of these development companies they’re buying?

25:40 - Can WB Games bring us a Harry Potter game that doesn’t rely on legos to make it fun?

28:00 - Knockout City is a battle royale “shooter” that turns your murderfest into a game of dodgeball

30:30 - Back 4 Blood looks like (and most likely is) the spiritual sequel to Left 4 Dead from some of the original developers

36:50 - Can Rockstar keep pushing the envelope with a new Grand Theft Auto game? 

42:00 - “Honey I Joined a Cult” tells you everything you need to know about it by the name alone

45:30 - TRAILERS! Thunder Force is exactly what we expect from Melissa McCarthy, Without Remorse gives us Michael B. Jordan on a rampage of vengeance, 15 Things you Didn’t Know About Bigfoot marks the return of the mockumentary, Made for Love because we need all of the Cristin Millioti that we can get, and FX gets in on the streaming service teaser pissing contest

1:02:50 - Why is Hugh Grant being allowed anywhere near the next Dungeons and Dragons movie?

1:05:45 - The Daily Mail has photos confirming the return of Matt Damon and Sam Niell will reprise their roles from Thor: Ragnarok

1:07:45 - Entertainment Weekly released a deep dive showing off stills for the Space Jam reboot and LeBron James thinks we’re all stupid

1:11:30 - BEST MAN ALIVE! Aliens are back and the government doesn’t even bother denying it anymore. Also, they might be infiltrating the NHL…

1:17:35 - REVIEW! King Akeem has returned after 33 years for Coming 2 America, and its available now on Amazon Prime

1:29:20 - RECOMMENDATIONS! Brick is still insisting that everyone play the Hitman series of games, and Smithers wasn’t all that impressed by the WandaVision finale

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