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Feb 8, 2021

Whaaats up everyone and welcome to episode 232 of The Chumpcast!  Let’s discuss our dumbest injuries, the demise of Bruce Willis’s career, and a movie that some of us absolutely loathed but maybe the rest of the crew didn’t.

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0:50 – This is it. The culmination of American sports. NASCAR IS BACK!

2:55 – What’s the dumbest injury you’ve ever inflicted on yourself? Enjoy our pain!

6:45 – Super Bowl talk, including whether or not Tom Brady sucks as a human and a story

11:20 – Armie Hammer is definitely (allegedly) a cannibal and has for sure (allegedly) eaten people

15:05 – Jose Canseco is still out there crying for attention, again via dumb boxing matches

19:45 – Smithers is a computer hypocrite

22:35 – TRAILERS! Justice Society: World War II, Cosmic Sin and the demise of Bruce Willis, Moxie from the mind of Amy Poehler, and Heavy starring Sophie Turner

34:20 – Save Yourselves! was a sleeper of 2020, and now it’s getting a TV spinoff

35:10 – Is there a Dracula/vampire story that hasn’t been told yet?

38:40 – RIP in peace to Christopher Plummer, who was most famous for voicing a character in An American Tail

40:45 – IDIOT TRIVIA SHOWDOWN! Name a movie with a dance sequence. GO!

43:05 – A true sequel to Cloverfield is coming, and it won’t be found-footage shaky cam

45:30 – Ryan Coogler of Black Panther and Fruitvale Station fame will develop a Wakanda based TV series for Disney+

48:40 – Who’s in for a comedic Batman-centric podcast coming to HBO Max? Once you see the cast list, you will want to tune in…

51:45 – BEST MAN ALIVE! The archetypal Florida man needs a ride home, a good friend sends us holiday cards, Brick calls in a fake 911 emergency, an amber alert for a Chucky doll, and Hitler’s long lost toilet seat

1:00:35 – REVIEW! Bliss starring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek left something to be desired

1:10:15 – RECOMMENDATIONS! Earwig and the Witch is the newest Studio Ghibli joint, Brockmire is still brilliant, and Brick loves Boss Level because Frank Grillo is his hero

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Thanks to Broke For Free for the intro song "If".  You can find more of them at the Free Music Archive here.