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Nov 1, 2021

Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 269 of The Chumpcast! Army of Thieves caught us all off guard this week, so let’s talk our way through it.

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0:10 - Smithers is angry, Mark is mean, and Brick doesn’t care, so I guess everything is normal again. Also, video game updates and Nickelodeon brawls

9:25 - TRAILERS! Geralt of Rivia returns for Witcher S2, Buzz Lightyear might be a dirty cop, Wendell and Wild will reunite Key and Peele, and more Bebop

19:00 - Denis Villeneuve will get a chance to finish the movie that he released half of in Dune 2

22:40 - RECOMMENDATIONS! Inside Job on Netflix is a Rick and Morty clone, and that’s a good thing.  

We also talk Only Murders in the Building and Succession

27:30 - DRAFT! Heist crews, ASSEMBLE

39:30 - BEST MAN ALIVE! Everyone step aside, Brick has a headline dump for you

41:40 - REVIEW! Army of Thieves on Netflix was flat out surprising (in the best way)

52:00 - Next week, on The Chumpcast….

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Thanks to Broke For Free for the intro song "If".  You can find more of them at the Free Music Archive here.