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Dec 8, 2021

Whhhhaats up ya’ll and welcome to episode 273 of The Chumpcast! Someone at HBO Max made a movie specifically for the 3 of us, so we watched 8-Bit Christmas. We also draft our Disney Princess Death Squads...

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0:40 - What would a modern day Osmosis Jones look like? Also, Brick fried his computer

8:10 - Starting to think that none of us are console guys anymore…

11:30 - Shouldn’t Sony and Microsoft be more upset about scalpers hoarding their product?

16:35 - We’ll see you chumps at C2E2 in Chicago this weekend

18:35 - TRAILERS! None of us will see Dog with Channing Tatum for personal reasons, Peacemaker keeps getting more obnoxious, and a glimpse Across The Spider-verse 

28:00 - Sony has an Xbox Game Pass rival codenamed ‘Spartacus’ launching in 2022

31:50 - ‘Nic Cage as Dracula’ is all you need you hear about this segment

34:45 - Tom Holland is going to continue playing Spider-Man until he’s 47 and Mark divides everything by 3

37:30 - RECOMMENDATIONS! Why isn’t anyone talking about Hawkeye? Mark loves tennis or some King idk, and Brick likes Super Crooks

46:00 - Succession talk, because we do what we want

49:20 - DRAFT TIME! Disney Princess death squad edition (don’t forget to vote @thechumpcast)

58:50 - REVIEW! A slow few weeks at the box office leads us to 8-Bit Christmas, and it might have been made specifically for us

1:05:40 - Next week, on The Chumpcast…

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