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Jun 30, 2017

Holy shit Chumps, what a week!

We get the whole crew together to discuss two AWESOME new releases, Edgar Wright's Baby Driver and GLOW on Netlfix. Join in as we ponder our fake wrestling gimmicks, assemble a crew of psychopaths to pull a heist, and argue our cases for Best Man/Woman alive!

If you have a dumb question...

Jun 25, 2017

Welcome, Chumps-

Mark is off again this week, so we brought in Drunk Erica to get a female perspective on a movie that she barely watched. Here at the Chumpast, we're strongly opposed to new Transformers movies, so we watching Rough Night instead. Join in as we debate the best/worst songs to kill a stripper to, a new...

Jun 15, 2017

Welcome back Chumps-

This week Will (@illestofwillest) joins the group to argue about bad life experience simulators, E3 winners and losers, catching babies like football, and It Comes at Night! We talk about our favorite upcoming titles and blatantly judge everything before anyone even gets to play it! Someone forgot...

Jun 11, 2017

Hey Chumps-

Are you ready for a spooooooky universe of mediocre movies? TOO BAD, YOU'RE GETTING ONE ANYWAYS! Take a stroll with us as we discuss which one of these weird antiquated monsters we would least want to walk in on plowing our wives (and maybe some that we would) and what's next for Universal's Dark Universe....

Jun 4, 2017

Welcome back, you Chumps!

Have you ever wondered which Rick and Morty character would make the best wing man?  Of course you haven't, because you have friends and a life. We, on the other hand, debated it thoroughly for your enjoyment.  Other topics include the bankruptcy filing of Mad Catz, ANOTHER Johnny Depp movie,...